Wine Tourism

Living a unique wine tourism experience at Bodegas Arúspide

The wine tourism brings us closer to the history and traditions of the towns, regions and countries that produce the wines. When we visit a winery, we become privileged witnesses of that museum of flavours, smells, textures, colours and sounds that make the world of wine possible.

Bodegas Arúspide, cradle and icon of wine tourism in Valdepeñas region, is pleased to accompany you to enjoy an unforgettable day in contact with nature and the wonderful world of wine.

We propose the following activities:

Winery Visit

Guided tour of forty-five minutes (approx.) through all the facilities of Bodegas Arúspide, from the carbonic maceration vessel to the centenary cave. This tour includes a tasting of our wines, from the barrels and bottles. A complete tour to know all the stages that make up the birth of a great wine.

Groups of less than 10 people, at 5 €/person
Bigger groups 4 €/person

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If the guided visit to Bodegas Arúspide falls short, accompany it with an “express” tasting course in charge of our professionals. No matter your level of wines, from the most initiated to the most understood person has a place in Bodegas Arúspide. A visit through the winery, a tasting and audio-visual projection accompanied by an aperitif can become a perfect plan.

Groups of at least five people or more.
Visit with initiation tasting, at 20 € /person
Visit with professional tasting, at 40 € /person

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